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What Does Your Pocket Square Say About You?

10 handkerchiefs that show personality

One of the best ways to polish off your suit or sports coat is by adding a pocket square. This simple piece of fabric shows not only your style, but character too! When shopping for the perfect handkerchief, make sure you take a few things into consideration, like what does this print or color say about you?

1. Minimal – Dotted Prints & Solid Colors

2. Hipster – Bandana Prints

3. Preppy - Linen Fabrics & Pastels

4. Sophisticated – Silk Fabric & Classic Prints or Colors

5. Risk-Taker – Bold Prints & Florals

6. Fashionisto – Designer Brands

7. Mysterious – Simple & Dark Tones

8. Cheerful – Bright Colors & Prints

9. Sporty – Nautical & Racing Stripes

10.  Retro – ’60 & ‘70s-Inspired Prints

Which pocket square goes with your personality? Share with us!



Chloë Grace Moretz Style

You might have wondered who she was in the movies Hugo or Kick-Ass or remember falling off your couch laughing at her 30 Rock appearances, but 17-year-old Chloë Grace Moretz is no stranger to the fashion world. Over the last year her style has evolved from demure and cute to full-on chic.

Read more about Chloë and learn how to emulate her young Hollywood style here




Editors’ Picks: Zara Fall 2014

Jump start your fall wardrobe in sporty chic threads

Although it still feels like summer, we’re so ready for fall! Start preparing for the new season by shopping the much anticipated Zara Fall 2014 Collection. It’s minimal, sporty, and fashion-forward, all at affordable prices - what’s not to love?

We’ve sorted through Zara’s fall pieces and picked the best of the best for our selection below. From zipper pocket blazers and leather midi skirts to racer stripe trousers and oversized sweaters, get started on your new fall wardrobe now!

1. Light Wool Blazer

2. Lambskin Studio Coat

3. Pleated Midi Skirt

4. Funnel Neck Cable Sweater

5. Cuffed Fleece Trousers

6. Slogan Sleeveless T-Shirt

7. Zipped Bucket Bag

8. Leather Mid Heeled Buckled Bootie

Which pieces are your favorite?

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